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for someone anxious to finish, I sure am screwing around

Okay, the matchmaking Emmie thing was kind of funny. But... calling Savio "off-putting"? One of his traits is "Cunning Linguist"! I do not lie! Girl, I don't care how off-putting you find him, you do not turn that down!

So introducing her to all the men in the party ultimately goes nowhere? The only one I didn't introduce her to is Rico, because he's 10, and this isn't CLAMP where pedophilia is a-okay because "love is love", right? So... I'm guessing she has a thing for Genma?

I have a little crush on Touma. I don't know why.

I also have this weird habit of talking to characters, game or TV. Out loud, I'll say stuff like, "Hi, can you heal me, Aya?" and "Um, Touma, we're going over here now, sweetheart." Yes, and I call characters "sweetheart". It's very, very sad.

And, yes, whenever overlimit!Guy says, "Wanna see how strong I really am?" I say, "You know it, stud!"

Very, very sad.
Tags: not now! i'm playing video games!
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