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let's break out the booze and have a ball if that's all there is

Capell: Ah, isn't it a great morning?
Edward: You look awfully happy today.
Capell: Looks like getting rid of everything pent up inside helped me relax.


You know, for two discs, I was kind surprised to see my final play time at only 39 hours. That's.... a lot less than I'm used to from a game like this. Did I miss some stuff or something?

Like, I'm sure Seraphina and Kristopher are cool and all, but they were tacked onto the party at the end, and I didn't really get the point of them. You couldn't even put them in your primary party. I don't know why they were there, really. Unless I missed some big side-event, I didn't get to know them.

It looks like there's a bonus dungeon, so I'll go check that out, but otherwise... I guess I'm done? Unless there's a reason to do a second playthrough.

Gee, and where have I seen that post-credits ending before? Right down to two years later and everything. Even I saw that coming.
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