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and anyone can tell - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
and anyone can tell
Okay, so after bouncing ideas off D, I went with my first instinct and claimed:

Abyss: Asch/Natalia + Dark Wings, love letters, a palace

You probably know where I'll go with that. Even D groaned and said, "Isn't that like everything else you've ever written?"

Even though I submitted "old love letters" as a prompt, someone else did "love letters", so I justified it to myself that I can do that without choosing my own thing.

D wants me to do something with Natalia+/Tear, and we talked that idea through, although I convinced him that it might work better with "an old diary" than "love letters". I didn't claim it because I'm really not sure if I could make it work, but I promised him I'd keep it in the back of my mind. He said, "Fine, do your same old thing instead of challenging yourself." Boo.

I've been working on Out Here with plans to put it on ff.net. I know I said I'd work on AWT before posting it then never did, but I really have been working on OH. I just... would like feedback on some of my stuff. I can't improve if I don't know how I'm doing.

But I've also finally started Magna Carta 2 and played that for a couple hours last night while D was fighting with his new laptop. He's super bummed because it kept crashing and he's going to have to send it back. He bought it for school and now he can't even use it. Which sucks. Way to go, HP.

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Current Music: you don't know me--harry connick jr

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