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in more important news

In addition to my regular chores/errands today, I managed to finish Magnacarta 2. Strass was way too easy, I thought. I had more trouble with Claire. I usually do have trouble with girls with guns. Legretta was the one I had the most trouble with in Abyss, too, until I realized you pretty much had to surround her and wail on her so she couldn't attack. Duh.

I'm upset at my lack of achievements. I didn't get 100% quest completion. I know I missed the one in Oldfox Canyon, where you're supposed to find the three documents. I only found two, and I missed my chance to get the last one. I'm pretty sure I did all the other quests, though. And the only weapon I mastered was Zephie's rod. Dirty! I never even used any of Crocell's knuckle techniques. Again, dirty. I was perfectly happy with his fireball. Um, dirty?

I tend to get comfortable playing the same party most of the time, too, and so usually went with Juto/Zephie/Crocell. I mean, a fighter, a healer, and a wizard will pretty much do you well. I'd switch out Crocell for Celestine or Rue depending on the elements available, but I rarely played Argo. I found him too awkward and lumbering.

Surprisingly, Celestine grew on me. Her voice was hella annoying, but you'd really, really have to suck to even come close to the annoying that was Sarah from SO4, who still gets my vote for most useless playable character ever.

So I've started a new character in Dragon Age now, and am in Ostagar after the human noble origin story. I've got a female warrior this time, and one who's very gung-ho about the whole thing (despite, you know, her family tragedy, but which origin story isn't tragic, right?). And dammit, she's going to get her some Alistair.

I've played two other games since I finished this one, so I'm having to get used to the menu system again. Yeah, I kept hitting the wrong button trying to access my inventory, but I'm remembering now.
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