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who hasn't?

Has anyone ever unfriended you without explanation? Did you ask why? Have you ever deleted someone from your friend list without saying why?

Ah, friending drama. Yeah, I've defriended and been defriended with no explanation. I mean, who cares? It was usually someone I realized I had nothing in common with or anything to talk about anyway, so my delicate ickle feelings weren't hurt, and I'm sure theirs weren't either. If you don't want to read my stuff, I don't care. It's not going to interest everyone, just like not everything on my flist interests me every day.

Probably the only "drama" was back in 04 when I voted for Bush, and I was called... I think it was something like "a typical hypocritical Christian and everything that's wrong with America today". Uh huh! There's no one so tolerant as a liberal, right? But they had a point. I mean, I believe in God and that unborn children have a right to life, and I believe in low taxes, small government, and free markets. Clearly, I am pure evil and must be stopped.

You know what bugs me, though? People who make such a huge f'ing deal about friends cuts. It just seems like a desperate grab for attention to me. "I'm going to cut you unless you tell me how awesome I am and how you hang on my every word. Beg, plead, convince me not to cut you! I need validation!" I admit, I did defriend someone who made one of those posts once. I was like, hey, if having a friends list is such a huge f'ing burden for you that you have to bitch and moan about it, I'll get out of your way. "Wah, I'm too popular!" Lord love a duck, you know?
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