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L-chan disapproves (-2)

So Ali gets teased about where babies come from, and Meryl gets a lecture on how she's being selfish and everyone's going to die so she should just break up with him now.

What the hell, Wynne?

I knew it was coming because of Galan/Leliana from last time around, but still, what the hell, Wynne?

(Yes, my characters are called Galan and Meryl, because I am a huge dork.)

I got Oghren and Sten's quests this time! I never got Sten to open up before. This is very cool. And Oghren pretty much loved me from the start because I had a bunch of booze in my inventory when he finally joined, so it was like "Oghren approves (+42)".

Zev's going to stab me in the back again, isn't he? I just can't seem to make him like me. I don't want him to, because he's skeevy and all, but.... I did want some things to go different this time around. I've been giving him Ali's presents since Ali's maxed out, but it just gets me (+1), which doesn't really counter all the (-2) I get whenever I talk to him.
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