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don't go sharing your devotion

Okay, is there a way to talk to Leliana where she won't fall in love with you? Because seriously. The problem with these conversation options is you think you're picking the one that just expresses concern as a friend, and then Alistair gets all "WTF with you and Leliana? Sure, HOT, but WTF?"

I guess Meryl won't be talking to LeLe anymore this go around. Don't want to screw things up with Ali.

You know, Galan didn't actually like her much, but she was there, and easy, and he didn't want to die a virgin not knowing Morrigan would offer to fix both those problems for him. He was basically out to save his own ass. I guess this time Ali will sacrifice himself for TRULUV, if I understand right.

I still think one of my most favorite throwaway moments is when at the Landsmeet Riordan comes in all, "Wait, there's another option!" and Alistair just makes the most perfect WTF face.

I supported Anora's bid to keep her throne, even though she's kind of a bitch.

And I forgot where the gloves were and only found them after I had to kill Zev for being an asshole. Oh well.

I'm almost to the end again already. I feel like I should download the extra scenarios, but it'd be like ten dollars, and that... kind of feels like a ripoff, especially since the expansion coming out next month costs almost as much as the base game.

This replay was supposed to tide me over until FFXIII came out, but I don't know if I'm really all that excited about FF from what I've read of it. I guess you can't really know until you see it, but....
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