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submitted for their approval

Thank goodness, Hoover is hiring, too, and I was able to apply online. Hope I didn't make any glaring mistakes after listing my strong written communication skills. That's the irony of the internet--as soon as you say you've got mad grammar skills, you're sure to make a mistake.

Would much, much rather work in Hoover. It's a helluva lot closer.

I have no recent references, though, which sucks for me. It's been a loooong time since I left my old job. I asked D if he thinks that's been a strike against me, but he says people will probably assume I had a kid or two. He said if I were a man, the last few years of idle time would be more suspicious and troubling. But you can't just tell people, "Hey, I could afford to stay home, so I did! La la la....", so I've listed my reason for leaving as "to pursue personal goals", which is true enough.
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