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because we can't all be princesses

Hoover's got another position (or possibly the same one?), so I'm submitting my application for that, too.

See, here's the problem. When you're 18 and going into college and picking a major, you're supposed to know what you want to do. How do you know what you want to do when you're only 18? You don't know anything. And what I thought I wanted to do when I was in high school wasn't the same as it was by the time I finished college. And what I think I want to do now isn't what I wanted to do then.

But you can't do it over. Well, technically you could go back to school--like D's doing, go for your masters in the different field--but what sucks is that if you'd known then what you know now, you would've done it right in the first place.

But you don't know that.

My family's always on my case because I'm not a CEO like I said I wanted to be when I was in high school. But I got to college and realized I don't have the ambitious type-A personality to do that kind of thing. Yeah, the great American dream is that you can do whatever you want, but sometimes it's just not suited to the type of person you are. I know I definitely couldn't do it and don't actually want to do it.

So if people would just stop giving me a hard time because 18 years later I'm not the same person I was when I was 18, that would be super. If people could stop telling me in one breath that I should find something I would like, and then turning around and telling me what I should be doing and why am I not doing that, I'd really, really appreciate it.

I hated my last job. Hated it a lot. For a lot of reasons. So why would I go back to something like it just because it's what people think I should be doing?
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