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D got his midterm exam grades: 98 in history and 100 in sociology.

He actually got the highest grade in his history class, according to an email from his professor which expressed severe disappointment in the low grades and a rejiggling of the syllabus in order to spend the next class going over the exam. Now D feels guilty for messing up the curve, but I told him, hey, the exam was clearly passable for anyone who attended class, took notes, and prepared like you did. Don't feel bad because they suck.

I think this week he has to plan to meet with his advisor to choose classes for next semester. He'll be relieved to finish this sociology class; he really doesn't like the extremely liberal take on everything. I think he's just going to have to get used to it.

As for me, Hoover was taking applications through last Friday, so I'm hoping to hear something this week, although I'm not holding my breath.
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