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I don't care if you really care as long as you don't go

The snippets of fics I will never, ever write, no matter how much you cry, you pray, and you beg:

peacewish's prompt "Yukito saves the day!"

The world would never know what happened that day, how close it had come to ending. Everything would continue as it always had.

But for Sakura, nothing would ever be the same.

She knelt on the ground, clutching the hand of her dear friend and guardian, tears streaming from her eyes as she tried desperately to help him. Nothing worked.

He saved them all, yet nothing could save him.

His body was starting to fade now, dispersing into magic energy, returning to the atmosphere.

His last words told her to smile.

Then all that remained was a broken pair of glasses.

cal_reflector's prompt "The Graduate. (Touya, Sonomi, Tomoyo)"

Tomoyo's relentless cheerfulness could chafe like wool underwear on a hot day. He took it as any masochist would.

He didn't want to be happy. He didn't deserve to be happy. He didn't believe in happiness anymore. Being around her was his punishment, reminding him that he was dead inside, and he couldn't stay away.

When he arrived for dinner, Sonomi greeted him, although "greet" implied that he was welcome. "She's sick" were her actual words.

To Sonomi, he'd never be anything other than That Man's son. She would never like him or approve of him.

They were too much alike. Cynical. Arrogant. Stubborn.

"Dinner's already made and will just go to waste," she continued, "so you may as well come in." Not waiting for an answer, she turned to walk away.

With a shrug, he followed her inside. Dinner for two was sure to be less about eating and more about arguing while plates cooled and wine glasses needed refilling.

He wouldn't admit it, but verbally sparring with her was the only thing that made him feel anything. If Tomoyo was his punishment, Sonomi was his reward.

No, he'd never admit it.
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