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I finished Awakening already. I know! It clocked in at about 22 hours. I did miss a couple of side things. D thinks I raced through it. Well, it was fun! Plus I did play a lot over the weekend while he was studying and I had laundry going.

The new characters weren't bad, although I did kinda miss the original crew.

I said when playing Meryl that I missed being a rogue (and basically recruited Nathaniel for that reason only, because from a character standpoint, I didn't think Meryl would actually do it), but when I finished and started again as Galan, my rogue, I really, really missed being a Templar.

I probably won't play again right now. I just started Galan because I watched D play and so I knew that F'ING KING ALISTAIR would greet me if he was still, you know, actually alive to do so. Meryl was greeted by Queen Anora. Although I also knew that it was because Meryl put Anora on the throne, and Ali was like, "Thank the Maker, I don't want any part of that shit". At the end when it has all the little text boxes about what happens later, it said something like, "And the Commander of the Grey reunited with her true love, Alistair", like, did the game forget he died or something? BUT NOT EVEN THAT CAN SEPARATE THEM!

I don't know what to do next. I really don't need to be buying another game yet, because my birthday's coming up. Maybe I'll go back to Culdcept Saga. I finished it, but I could either start again or just play random battles to collect more cards. I don't feel like it's been long enough to do Vesperia or SO4 again, but even though D wants me to trade them in, I do want to play them again someday.

I still have Sims 3 I could go back to, and I have a Nancy Drew PC game I started but kinda gave up on. I got it on clearance at Target for $2.50 and figured I could get that much enjoyment out of it, but then it got kinda stupid and I got frustrated with it. I should not get so frustrated with a game designed for 10-year-olds!

If I do get something "new" (as in used from Game Stop), I've been thinking either Fable 2 or Last Remnant, if either of those are recommendable.
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