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instead of steak we'll be enjoying a royale with cheese - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
instead of steak we'll be enjoying a royale with cheese
So last night when making dinner, our kitchen sink clogged. We tried running the disposal and pouring some drano in and letting it sit. Long story short, a pipe burst and sprayed nasty sink water all over our kitchen.

Yeah, so at nine at night when we just wanted to do the dishes and go to bed, we had to mop up and sanitize our entire kitchen.

A plumber can't come until at least tomorrow basically because we didn't want to pay twice as much for a Sunday call. Of course this had to happen on a weekend. Shit in our house always breaks on weekends. Or holidays. We had to have someone come out on July 4th once to fix our A/C.

And we had just been to the store yesterday and had bought some steaks to have tonight. But without a sink to clean up, we can't do any cooking today.


At least the fennel slaw we made was really really good?

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Current Music: when it all falls apart--the veronicas

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