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no, I won't say lazy

Poor D. I was in a cranky mood yesterday and he got the brunt of it. But, I mean, when I'm trying to wake up in the morning, don't make me get up and come in here and watch youtube videos I don't care about.

I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon, which he appreciated, because I was much sweeter after that.

The new K-ON opening theme is.... cacophonous. Wow. They continued to have awesome closing songs, though.

And we also watched Working!! which... I don't know, it might be interesting if stuff actually happens. At least it has guys in it.

.... Shoot, on Tuesday I saw a job opening I was going to apply for today, but it's not on the website anymore. Son of a.... At least I didn't drive all the way downtown before I realized it. That takes up two hours of my afternoon. I was getting sick of filling out those "why are you qualified for this position" paragraphs anyway, since after four applications and no interviews, I'm apparently not qualified.

Maybe I should just apply for a page position. It pays hardly anything and is as bottom of the totem pole as you can get, but at least it's not downtown and it would get me in the door. Guess I'll think about that some more.

Okay, now I'm going to eat some mac-and-cheese and try to write, since my afternoon is now freed up.
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