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that's what they'll call us!

I ended up getting Last Remnant after all, since Game Stop had it used for sixteen bucks.

The battle system is... I don't like it. D says I always say that when I get a new game, but usually my complaint is that it's different and I just need to get used to it instead of hitting the same buttons I did in the last game I played. But this one... I really don't like it. Maybe I'll get used to it eventually, but even though I got used to Infinite Undiscovery, I didn't like its battle system either.

David's voice was bugging me until I realized he was Faize and Capell. I really did love Faize.

But for a Marquis, we sure are needy, aren't we? Do you not have money to buy the shit you need? "Can you get me an iron ore?" Well, I don't know, dude, I can't seem to find any anywhere. Can you not even give me a clue as to where I might find some? And "Can I borrow your deluxe bracelet?" Um, okaaay.


"Check it out, we're bracelet buddies!"
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