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night after night and the audience of one

I didn't actually get anything written but I may have gotten at least a toe in the water in terms of subplot ideas.

But I need a title to start labeling my Word files and giving me something to, you know, refer to by name.

Poll #1556595 Title Me
This poll is closed.

What do I call this thing?

Nothing In Return
In It Together
In the Middle
How Far

Or write in a suggestion....

I'm going to try to write the flashback part this week. I want to get to the good stuff. Geez, remember how long it took to get to the good part in Shadows? I hope it won't take me that long.

It's just... if this is going to be my big "definitive" G/N fic, I need to have nose meet grindstone.
Tags: untitled guy/nat project
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