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gee quinn!

My Daria DVDs came today! And with Amazon's preorder price match whatsit, I'm getting a $17 refund to make my actual purchase price $27.99. For five seasons and both movies. Sweet.

And they put Quinn and Trent on the same disc! I kinda crackship those two.

D's never been a fan. He's been staunchly anti-, actually, but he admits he never really gave it a chance. He's agreed to watch two episodes to see if he was quick to judge, on the condition that if he still doesn't like it, he never has to watch it again. (After I fell asleep both times he tried to show me Blade Runner, he said he'd never make me watch that again, so we kinda have an unofficial two-tries rule.)

So which two should I show him? The musical is my favorite, but I don't know if that's a good intro. And I don't want to start him with any of the Tom ones, either.
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