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questions to answer and thinking out loud

So... 12 weeks should be enough time to plan the big shindig, right? Not in the real world, but for the sake of the whole arbitrary birthday deadline thing I'm working with. I figure a week of festivities, starting with Nat's birthday and ending with the wedding? I mean, this isn't just a couple of crazy kids; this would be a huge deal and there should be all sorts of parties and, like, a parade and stuff?

I've printed out a calendar so I can establish an actual timeline. Dork alert!

I have to figure out when to send Guy home and how long until he's back. He needs enough time to finish his project, because I want to have him bring it back with him.

Um... should there be a big party before he goes? Maybe that's how/when I bring everyone else in?

And who would conduct the ceremony, anyway? Although if there's some way I can kind of gloss over the details there, that would be awesome.

I know, I know, have fun and stop stressing about the details. But the details can make or break the whole thing sometimes.

I also have to figure out what the hell to do with Florian. He's the only one I don't really have a handle on what he'd be doing.

D thinks my story needs more cheagles. D isn't much help.
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