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one last day to goof off

Anyone else want a drabble? These have been some really great prompts. I still plan to do the Guy/Tear one. It's actually harder than the Guy/Anise.

We finished the Otomen drama. Aww, we're going to miss it. It started off slow but got stronger around episode four. Isono totally steals the show, and Obama-sensei was both hilarious and scary--"Change!" I kinda ended up shipping Tonomine and Oharida by the end. (Tonomine was especially well-cast.) And I still completely love Juta and wish he'd had more to do.

D really loved it, and it made him want to watch Kimi wa Petto again. If we can't find anything on TV now that all our shows have ended, maybe we will.

He's also tearing through the Tail of the Moon manga like it's going out of style. See, this is so unfair. When I pick up a new series, I have to wait anywhere from two to six months between volumes to see what happens next. It might take two or three years to finish a series. Once I've bought the whole thing and it's sitting on the shelf, he suddenly decides he wants to check it out, and as soon as he finishes one volume, the next one is there waiting for him. Unfair!
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