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Our primary is today. I'm so uninformed; I only voted on about half the races. We'll be getting a new governor this year, which kinda sucks, because other than our Congressman, he's the only politician in the entire country we actually like. (Is it 2012 yet???)

I also had my followup appointment with the eye doctor, except it was a different doctor than I saw the previous two times, and he could not have been less interested. I totally got the bum's rush, but at least it seems these prescription drops are working for me. They didn't set me another appointment, though, which was odd. D says maybe we'll find someone else, since this is just a strip-mall place we went to last year for new glasses. I didn't know at the time that I was actually, you know, GOING BLIND.

And my Lycos mail is acting up. It won't load. I may have to switch to something else after all this time. I really don't like the changes they made to it recently anyway.

Oh, sure, as soon as I say that, it starts working again. I'M ON TO YOU LYCOS.
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