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when home ownership sucks

It's been, what, three weeks, and our bathroom is still not put back together.

The tile guy is supposed to be here any second. Then when he's done, the plumbers have to come back again, for like the fourth time, to reattach the toilet, because they'll do it as part of what we've already paid them, whereas the tile guy wants like $125 to do it.

So maybe, maybe our bathroom will finally be back in working order by the weekend.

This was supposed to be a $200 project to replace the old one. It's turned out to be $2500.

But almost worse than the money is the time I've been trapped in this house while we've had all this work done.

I want my life back!

Still haven't felt like writing at all.

Okay, at 11 the guy called and said he'd be here in 45 minutes, when originally it was supposed to be 10:30ish, so fine.

But he can't get the right tiles we need. No one in town has the size. I could have told him that. I called all over town last week and couldn't find plain white 8"x8" tiles, except as a special order where I'd have to get an entire box of like 24 tiles when I only need 8.

So he said he could special order them but it would take 7 to 10 days. Hell no. He can get 6"x8" white tiles, but they'll be glossy instead of flat. I said I don't really care at this point, whatever he has will have to do, because we cannot have this go on another two fucking weeks. (That's not how I said it, but you know).

Then I called D and let him know the situation and he said I made the right call.

If we ever try to sell this house, we're going to have to retile the whole bathroom anyway.

But FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, you know?
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