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although somehow I have six hundred words

I can't figure out how to make this next section work at all.

There's the obvious thing with Guy and Peony and Jade, and I want Pere and Merton to get in on that, too, because I think it would be hilarious if every man Guy knew tried to be all "Now, I know your father never got to tell you this, so it falls to me to explain" with him, and just how much alcohol he'd have to drink to get through THE TALK three different times. And then plus he still has his project to finish so he can bring it with him in the next part.

But all I've come up with for Nat to do is go visit her grandmother. There has to be more than that for her to do. Why can't I think of anything? Why am I such a hack? I don't want to write about, like, dress fittings and stuff. Snore.

And I don't know if anything else should be done with Luke/Tear/Anise while they're there, since they'll be back later and I have stuff I want to do with them then.

I don't know. Booze didn't actually help, can you believe it? Maybe I should try coffee.
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