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The 30 Days, 30 Ships Meme
Day 08 - The pairing with the most baggage?


Christopher and Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

Maybe this isn't the best answer, and maybe not even the best answer for this series, but I wanted to pick a pair I actually liked but who just could not get it together, and that's Chris and Lorelai.

The writers just threw block after block in their path, and after the third season, Christopher was more a plot device than a developed character. He was stuck in the same place every time, revisiting the same issues every time, and written just for the sake of the plot. He wasn't the only character treated this way, but I was more annoyed when it was him, because I was rooting for him.

But they even got married, and I guess I'm old-fashioned, but I've always felt that when you get married, you go into it with the idea that this is it, and you do everything you can to make it work, to treat the other person as your partner in life. But this show didn't feel that way, and Lorelai clearly didn't feel that way about Christopher, even after everything, even after how devastated she was when he felt he should go back to Sherry. Her "whole package" speech was about him. But Lorelai ended up marrying Christopher for reasons I didn't quite understand, reasons that had more to do with Luke than Chris, and then she put about as much heart and effort and work and enthusiasm into it as I put into doing the laundry. It was clear that every time Chris tried to move in in some way, whether putting up a TV or celebrating Christmas, Lorelai resisted like she was dealing with her mother.

I know it's drama, and happy, functional relationships don't usually make good TV, but you also want to feel that something real is happening. The emotional center of it has to ring true.

It got to the point where I couldn't even be happy that they finally got married, because I knew it was just marking time. It never felt like organic storytelling to me, just another bump in the--ugh--"soulmate" road of Luke and Lorelai. (Speaking of resisting, whenever a writer/creator tells me characters are "soulmates", I hate it. It's lazy. "These characters will be together because they're soulmates", not because they have anything that would make a relationship work.)

Maybe these aren't good examples of "baggage", but I never thought they'd be able to work it out only because the writers didn't want them to. If they were real people, I think it would have been completely different.

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