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when being late to the party is a good thing

The 30 Days, 30 Ships Meme
Day 12 - Who had the best wedding?


Jim and Pam, The Office

Not the Youtube dancing thing. I want to make that clear. But the part on the Maid of the Mist. I thought that was incredibly sweet and romantic and they just looked so happy and content. It's like, if we can just be married, then we can get through the wedding. Being married is the important part.

I'm kinda gonna use this as a jumping off point to talk about the show and them in general, because I don't do that much, but I didn't start watching this show until the fourth season. I think the Jammers scared me. They based the quality of any given episode on Jam interaction. I didn't want to be anywhere near that sort of fandom crazy after experiencing the JavaJunkies, who would do the same thing--quality of episode relied on Luke/Lorelai schmoopies.

But now it's one of my favorite shows, I've seen each episode multiple times thanks to reruns and legal internet sites like TBS and Hulu, and I'm waiting for a full series set before I lay out money for DVDs. I've been bitten too many times buying sets individually only to realize if I'd waited, I could've saved half the price.

Getting back to Jim and Pam, though, at least the very limited fandom response I see has everyone pissed and annoyed that Jim and Pam are all "smug" and "annoying" now. And maybe it's because I didn't have to sit through two and a half seasons of pining and waiting for them to get together, but I don't get that at all. I see two people who are happy and settling into being newlyweds and new parents with a good attitude about it all, and I find that incredibly refreshing. I find it baffling that two people in a functional relationship are labeled "smug". If the show had them going through all sorts of Ross-and-Rachel or Luke-and-Lorelai bullshit, now that would piss me off. I like seeing a couple that actually works without omg teh drama.

Plus, the show is called The Office. Jim and Pam's relationship is kind of a background thing, and while an important plot, it is not the point of the show. I think the writers found a good balance of making their relationship part of the show rather than overtaking it, even if, yeah, okay, they had two one-hour episodes devoted to the wedding and the baby. But what else were they supposed to do? If these things happened completely off-camera, we'd all feel ripped off. Although it does stretch the whole documentary premise, but I never get too caught up in that. It's a device for telling the story, and if sometimes the cameras are someplace they really shouldn't/wouldn't be, I don't get my knickers in a knot. It's a show.

I'll also say that season five was my favorite. I know, I know, I say most shows should quit after three or four, and that's usually true (see: Buffy, 24, Gilmore Girls, Mad About You, Dawson's Creek, etc etc), but I loved season five. I love the Michael Scott Paper Company, and because of that, I kinda ship Pam and Ryan just a little bit. I love Jim and Pam, but yeah.

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