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why is the path unclear when we know home is near

Ingo: Why exactly, Gailardia, did you take my daughter so far from the city in the first place?
Guy: To defile her, of course. I mean, duh.

So the next part is going to have to be dealing with the threat and who might behind it (although OBVIOUS) and all that, which just sounds super fun to work out. Man, this is why I don't write stories with plots.

I really need to sit down and brainstorm what exactly is all going to happen and stuff. I only have the loosest ideas.

And am I rushing the physical stuff? I'm kinda starting to feel like I am. Maybe I'm just paranoid because I know I hate when I feel like relationships are rushed, but I can ease up if necessary.

And I wanted her birthday ball to be a masked/fancy dress party, and if there's a threat, they may decide to cancel the masked part so they know who's who and all, but I think I still want to do the costume part so I can have this:


“Who’s Anise supposed to be?” Luke asked.

“I do believe--” Natalia looked to Guy for confirmation, and he nodded. “--that she is Empress Lillian the Second.”

“Yeah,” Guy said, chuckling. “Be more subtle, Anise.”

Luke scratched his nose. “I don’t get it.”

“Anise has set her sights on the emperor,” Tear explained, “although I’d hoped she was kidding.”

“Kidding about marrying someone with money and power?” Natalia said. “Have you met Anise?”


I still don't know if Anise/Peony is going to go anywhere or just be more like a running joke. Probably just a joke.
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