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all the small things

And something else I still need to think about is at what point do I want to punch up the earlier chapters and maybe start putting them on ff.net. I wanted to at least have an idea where I was going first.

I don't have an ending in mind, which is my biggest problem. Of course, with my unfinished fics, I had endings in mind, and still couldn't get them done because I burned out. The way I'm kinda blazing through this (for me, anyway, this is fast), it's possible I may actually finish something for the first time ever. If I can figure out how it will end.

And would it be weird if I had a very brief scene from the king's POV? I wanted to stay with either Guy/Nat only, but I'm thinking I want the king to be doing something that G/N don't know about but that I think the reader should know? Or something?

I guess I really need to start outlining what I want to cover in the next part. That should be my main priority right now.

Ugh, but I don't feel like it. It's Sunday. I want to goof off.
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