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same as before, I'm to blame

I've written exactly one sentence of the next chapter. I've kinda been thinking about it in my head, but I have nothing else down on paper.

My insomnia came back this week. I've just been too tired during the day to concentrate, but I can't nap because then I can't sleep at night, but then I can't sleep at night so I'm tired the next day and want to nap but can't and etc etc. Vicious cycle.

I might try to go to Starbucks and caffeinate and work on it when I go out to the grocery store later.

I put in another application with the city last week, and checking my online status it says first "received", then "eligible", so there's that. Looking at my previous applications, I've supposedly always been eligible for the positions I'm applying for. I'm just not getting past that to an actual interview.

One reason I'm applying with the city is to get holidays off. It's why I haven't bitten the bullet and applied for retail. But I am not, not, not going back to cubicle hell.

Oh, and I'm fed up with Lycos mail being down constantly. I have to be naked facing east and juggling chipmunks to get it to load. My LJ and ff.net accounts are tied to it, and I'm going to have to find something else. I can't put up with this anymore. Ever since they "upgraded" it it's been nothing but shit.
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