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at one point I was teaching you klingon!

D's got finals next week. He just got back from PoliSci and said the professor passed out slips of paper with your grade on it, then said, "If you're satisfied with that, you don't have to take the final."

D's got a 110.

So, yeah, he's skipping the final. Which means he just has to worry about history now.

These are still freshman level courses, so it'll be interesting to see how he does when he starts graduate level courses in the fall term.

And we've been talking for a while about doing a Buffy rewatch, especially since there's nothing on TV in the summer, so we finally got down to it last night and watched "Welcome to the Hellmouth". Aw, everyone's so little!

I only have and will only ever have the first six seasons on DVD, so for us, the series will end with Xander and his yellow crayon speech saving the world. As he should. And with Buffy choosing life. And with Spike gone baby gone. That's the end. THE END.
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