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The 30 Days, 30 Ships Meme
Day 23 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great?


Pacey, Joey, and Dawson, Dawson's Creek

I don't know about "crazy", but.

This was my guilty pleasure show, and I will always appreciate it for two reasons.

One, putting Doug and Jack together in the five-years-later finale. Not because I really cared about them getting together, but for giving a canon example of how two characters who barely interact during the course of a series can still end up together in the future.

And two, for showing that "soulmates" don't always belong together. The show hammered us over the head that Dawson and Joey were "soulmates", but in the end, she chose Pacey. And it's not that I thought Joey was this great compelling girl that the series wanted us to lovelovelove, but Pacey was an outstanding character, and the two of them sparked together. Pacey and Joey had fun together and brought out the best in each other (or should have--we won't talk about the stupid prom break-up scene), whereas Dawson was just too whiny and navel-gazey and obsessed with his life being just like in the movies.

And also for showing that two people can be "soulmates" without it being romantic/sexual, ie Jack and Jen.

Man, though, do I hate the word "soulmates".

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