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a question for fic writers

Here's a question.

If you write fic for what you consider a primary canon source (in this example, a video game), and there are also other sources/adaptations such as an anime series, manga, novels, plus any extraneous creator interviews and such.....

Do you feel that anything not included in the primary source to still be canon and necessary to take into consideration when writing? Do you get all panicked when you realize there could be countless things out there that you're not aware of because they weren't translated into your language or otherwise readily available to you, and you wonder if all these little background details are something you really need to know? Is your character going to be OOC if you don't know this one thing, or is your plot going to totally fall apart because you weren't aware of a previous pre-canon incident?

Or do you just say, screw it, it's fic, what I know is good enough, and all that other information, while fascinating, is just getting in my way.

I'm basically in the second place, myself, but if readers are going to constantly be "No no no, are you not aware of this one side-story in this one magazine that says blahblahblah", then it has the potential to be kind of an issue.

I mean, all fic is non-canon, so ignoring it isn't the worst thing in the world, but then I feel like... I didn't do my research, or my story could have been better/deeper if I'd explored this other thing. Am I making sense?

Because, seriously, how much googling and message board joining should a person be realistically expected to do, when you don't even know how much information is potentially even available? You'd be stuck forever, wouldn't you, thinking, "But what if something somewhere out there contradicts this".

So... keep it in mind, but otherwise don't sweat it, is where I'm going to sit, I think.

But I'm just curious how other people feel about this.
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