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try it on for sighs

I think the reason I'm having problems getting this next chapter going is I have so much I want to do, or rather, that I think I should do, and I'm feeling bogged by it.

This is going to be a situation where everyone is present, and I wonder if I have to show every single interaction that could possibly happen, because wouldn't so-and-so talk to what's-her-name, and shouldn't that be important, and wouldn't it be weird if they didn't, and how could I possibly have their conversation happen across the room and hand-waved while I focus on someone else's conversation.

Does every person have to talk to every other person? I need to decide which interactions are most important, or have the most potential for being interesting or funny, but then I feel like not letting some characters actually speak isn't realistic, even if it's implied that they do talk at some point.

And I feel like it's just going to be looooooong, and that's not even counting the first part of the chapter that I want to do which doesn't even take place at the party.

Then there's a whole other thing that needs to happen in the following chapter, but does it need to be brought up here first?

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