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oh, the irony

Poor D had a terrible first day of classes yesterday. Between the traffic and the heat and the classroom being labeled wrong and being thrown into his grad level Ed classes without a clue as to what all the jargon meant.... he was glad to get to his PoliSci class and be able to hear English.

He's got a big workload this term but decided not to drop anything classwise, although we're going to drop our gym membership for now so we're not paying for something he's going to be in no mood to use, much less have time for. He said I could keep mine if I could guarantee that I'd go three days a week, every week, but I said there's no way I can guarantee that, because while I'd try to go at least two days a week, I can't promise more than that. And we kind of felt like we weren't getting the best rate we could anyway, so maybe after the first of the year when all the places are having their big specials, we can find a different place at a better rate and pick up again. Meantime, I'll be trying to walk more, at the mall while it's still a billion degrees, then at the botanical gardens when it starts to cool off. You know, around December or so. Ah, the south.

The city has another page position up, so I guess I'll apply for that, too. Yay. Just... get me in the damn door, you know? I find it so depressing that I can't even get an interview for a job which lists requirements like "Do you know how to alphabetize?" and "Can you push a cart?"

Pour me another Cubs Mug O' Bud, Tony.
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