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surely you can't be serious!

We watched Airplane! on TCM on Demand. I love TCM on Demand. Who needs rentals?

Neither of us had seen Airplane! in years. I'd swear I saw it in the theater, which meant I was six. Yeah, I didn't get it. I was six, so I took it all literally.

Like, I didn't think the egg thing was funny at all. It freaked me out.

And I thought the automatic pilot was totally real. I have no idea how old I was when I finally realized that wasn't how it works.

D thinks that's cute.

Man, remember the days back before PG-13? So there were all these PG movies that really weren't appropriate for little kids. I remember seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark in the theater too, and The Wrath of Kahn, two other movies that freaked me out so much that to this day I've never seen them again.

People, don't take little kids to these kinds of movies. On the one hand, it's true that a lot of the themes and dialogue will go over their heads and they won't understand. But on the other, they can't miss the visuals.
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