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because you care

My sister's family is going to be here on Thursday (also D's birthday, so CELEBRATE!), which means I'm cleaning this week.

This is the deep, once-a-year type cleaning I usually do before the holidays. Yesterday I tidied up in preparation for today.

The kitchen got the business today. Counters, fridge, sink, floors, everything. Have I mentioned lately how much I love our tile floor? Sooo much better than that crappy vinyl we had for years. Sooo much easier to clean.

Tomorrow will be the bathrooms. I always do bathrooms last before company arrives, since they get the most use.

Taking a brief break while waiting for trivia in GSN chat, then will get to vacuuming. Then I'll take out the trash, throw some laundry in the wash, and basically be done for today. Woo!
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