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I like the quiet

Aw, our company is gone. We had a fun time, but man, I'm ready to get back to it being just the two of us. Yep, kids are cute when they go home with your sister.

I don't really have toys for kids? But I have coloring books! So we spent a lot of time coloring. I have the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Pokemon, and Cardcaptors. Yes, I have a Cardcaptors coloring book. Shut up, you know you're jealous. But my nephew broke my heart. He said, "What's Cardcaptors?" WHAT'S CARDCAPTORS??? He's almost eight. I've been in CCS fandom longer than that child has been alive.

And my niece was drawing a picture of a girl with curly hair and an outfit that looked like what she was wearing, so I said, "That's a good picture. Is it a self-portrait?" And she said, "No, it's me!" She's five.

Yesterday she had her hair in two pigtails, so D decided her new nickname is Chiyosuke.

And my nephew got really hooked on playing Worms 2 on Xbox. And we took them to the zoo and the science museum, too. So I think we kept them entertained enough.
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