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is he good at pull-ups or have radical hair?

Oh, HIMYM. Are we done? Are you done trying to convince me that Robin/Don was a Romance For The Ages?

Because, honestly, Don was the least developed multi-episode character ever on this show. Heck, even Britney Spears's character was more fully realized although I can't recall her name at the mo. Mandy?

I just... I'm trying, you know, to connect how Robin deals with break-ups (Simon, Barney, Ted) to how she's been dealing with this, but... I can't believe she had any feelings at all for this loser. Especially not so much that she left a series of increasingly violent messages on his voicemail. Yeah, it's a sitcom, and realism is sometimes sacrificed for a joke, but COME ON.

I know you wanted to go all Joss by giving us what we "need" instead of what we "want", but you know what I need? Good storytelling. I don't care in the long run if the pairings I like are together or not, but I do care that I believe what's happening on the screen.

I did like the Ted story, though, so thank you for that.

Shucks, I looked it up. It's Abby. Mandy is kinda close?
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