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and I don't want to repost and confuse everyone who's already read it

Now that I've put part 3 up, I realize I should have combined 2 and 3 as one chapter. These are much shorter than I remember them being, and I haven't fleshed them out as much as I thought I would. Or, you know, at all.

But, yeah, these are 1500 words, whereas part 11 came in over 5000. And it seems kinda unfair to make you wait until chapter 3 to get Guy's answer, but at least, maybe, the kiss will feel earned if it's in chapter 5 instead of sooner, because it gives the illusion of time passing to have it in a later chapter than to combine events into fewer longer chapters. So there's that. And at least by chapter 6 they start getting longer anyway.

Did anyone ever come up with a better way to end part 4? Because I haven't, really, other than to take out the last line and have it end with the king's question, which still feels like an abrupt place to end, especially since Guy has no answer.

I don't know.
Tags: abyss, abyss fic, fanfic, guy/natalia, how far, untitled guy/nat project
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