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variations or lack thereof

Day 2: What themes or patterns do you write?

Can I be lazy and turn this around and ask what themes/patterns people see in my writing?

Because I don't think I do anything intentionally.

I think it could depend on the pairing, though, and I might revisit the same ideas over and over. Touya/Kaho is a good example of that. I think I very rarely write them happy. There's always something overcast, maybe a little melancholy, that looming expiration date.

And I think once I said I like to take a character who has little dignity in canon and give him some, or take someone who has too much and strip it away. I like to give them more dimension than they have. I don't know if that's a theme, but I guess it could be a pattern.

I like to put the two prettiest people together. That's a pattern.

Um, what else....

OH! I know. I try to give my female characters enjoyable sex lives. That's very important to me. I hate this fandom idea that any woman who has/wants/enjoys sex is either a whore or a nymphomaniac. I want my female characters to really have that fun/romantic/intimate dimension in their relationships and have it be a perfectly healthy, normal thing. I'm tired of my fandoms having this misogynistic double standard about sex. My girls like to flirt and be physically affectionate, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. A woman should never be made to feel ashamed for wanting to be intimate with the person she loves. So the theme there is "Sex is good".
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