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Day 3: What character archetypes do you enjoy (or hate) writing?

I think it doesn't take long to see that I don't like writing villains. Look at my works. Do you see any actual villains in any of my plots? (Don't say Sonomi.) For the most part, the conflict in my stories comes from circumstances, not a "villain". Some people find villains more interesting than heroes (and is why we have this current "antihero" trend, I think--because a "good" person can never be interesting, right?), but I don't have the talent or the willingness to write a truly dark, evil character. This new thing I'm doing has a sort of straw villain, and it's really, really hard for me to write, which is why it's so in the background right now.

I like characters with honor. I like characters who want to Do the Right Thing, balancing their own needs and desires with what they believe to be the best solution for everyone. Sometimes they screw up. They're only human, with flaws and foibles, but they will always try. So I guess that means I like well-rounded heroic characters. They're going to be weak or selfish sometimes, but in the end, they will come through.

And I like strong, pro-active characters. I don't like characters who sit passively and wait for things to happen*. I'm not always good at writing this, and sometimes, should my plot demand it, then, yeah, I'll have a passive character, but that's not my preference. And sometimes they'll be passive for the moment because they don't know what to do, but eventually, they'll break through that and go do what needs to be done.

*I know this is going to lead to "What about td!Kaho? She was the definition of passive." That was a conflict I tried to show in her character. It was her nature to be passive, but did that ever make her happy? No. She had to learn to take charge of her decisions and stop blaming them on some vague inevitability. Whether I succeeded, well, that's for others to say. But that was my intention. She was a work in progress, taking steps forward and backward as she went.
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