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and I thought I had awkward phrasing

Day 5: When do you write what kinds of fanfics?

This one is phrased a bit awkwardly. Under what conditions do I find myself writing certain things? What compels me to write a particular genre?

Inspiration is a very weird thing for me. If I ever write something completely off the wall, it's either because of a specific prompt or something that suddenly popped into my head.

I guess what I mean is... I don't know. There's nothing I can draw a distinct line showing "okay, that happened to me today, so I'll write about this". It's not... I'm sad, so I'll write angst, or I'm sad, so I'll write fluff, or whatever. I just write what I write with no real explanation other than that's what occurred to me at the moment.

Writing twisted!Touya/Tomoyo or twisted!AschLuke/Natalia, for example, wasn't because I was feeling dark or twisted myself that day. It's just an idea I had.

I have no idea if this makes sense.

I guess you can see I prefer fluff, humor, and romance overall. Anything outside of that probably came from a fandom conversation I had, or maybe listening to a song, or just the total randomness of daydreaming while vacuuming.

I can't tell what will inspire me or when inspiration will strike. My brain just works as it does. I can't explain it, I can't control it, and I can't understand it. My brain has a mind of its own!

Geez, these questions are hard.
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