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Day 7: Once it's posted, how do you interact with your story?

God, this is so sad. I reread my own stuff a lot.

I do it for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes I'll go, "Man, that really is a good line, I don't care if no one else likes it" or "Oh yeah, that's an idea I want to go into more later". But then sometimes I'll go "Ugh, this is so OOC, what was I thinking?" or "Phone it in much? There's no heart here at all."

So after posting and letting it sit a while, I can go back and, with distance, get a better sense of what worked and what didn't.

This kind of goes along with the last questions, but when people point out something they thought could be improved or have a suggestion, I take that into consideration, but I don't always agree. Maybe that's not what I was trying to do there, or maybe I don't think it's OOC given the circumstances leading up to it. And then other times, they're right, and that line really doesn't work, or there could be more explanation on that point.

Generally, I won't go back and change something, but if I see something that could be improved, I'll keep it in mind for my next thing. So if you make a suggestion and I don't follow up on that particular fic, don't think that I completely disregarded your comments. Maybe I'm thinking, "Well, this piece is already done and ejected from my brain, but I see what you mean, and I'll try to do better next time." So I hope you can see progress through my works that way, and that my characterization gets better over time, or my plots get stronger, or my jokes get funnier, or whatever.

But sometimes I'm completely lame and just suck at a certain aspect of writing. No matter how much I may recognize that I need to improve when it comes to narrative description, I just can't seem to write it. It's so boring to me, and so it's never going to be part of my style. My focus is internal emotion and dialogue. Paragraph after paragraph telling you what a room looks like is never something I'm going to be able to provide. It's more important to me what the characters are saying and feeling than where they're standing.
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