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and, internet? it's "bawling", not "balling"

I'm finally reading One Day. It had been on my PBS wish list for months, and I finally scored a copy.

I was about 50 pages or so in, and I didn't think I was all that invested, but then Dexter forgot to mail the letter asking Emma to visit him in India and I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

So I guess I'm a little more invested than I thought.

Saturday when I was supposed to be watching football, I read Love is a Mix Tape, which had me in tears. I guess I have this thing about young widowers... I bawled all the way through How to Talk to a Widower, start to finish, no lie. D saw me wiping my face and was like "wth is wrong with you?" and told me to stop reading such sad books. Do guys not get that we girls like a good cathartic cry now and then?
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