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achievement? achievement! - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
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achievement? achievement!
I just finished a third play of Dragon Age: Origins. I know! I was bored one day and did the city elf origin story for something to do, and I ended up playing the whole thing again.

I tried to do some different things to make it worthwhile. I preserved the anvil, I did the romance with Zevran option (even though EEWWWW he's so skeevy) because I figured if I let him stab me in the front he wouldn't stab me in the back later, and I recruited Loghain, which is hilarious because Alistair throws a total hissy fit and stomps off.

But I still haven't unlocked all the endings, apparently. Maybe it's because my character always lives? First Galan gave Morrigan her evil baby, then Ali sacrificed himself for Meryl, then Willow let Loghain take the last blow for redemption or whatever the crap.

I'm still missing some achievements. I don't know how to side with the werewolves in the Dalish story except that I thought I was siding with them but apparently not. And then there's the Morrigan romance, which seems like it would be totally scary.

I guess the second one comes out in March? Maybe I'll do Awakening again, too.

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