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for love of random

Found Prince of Persia on clearance at Target for ten bucks, so I've been playing that the last couple days. And now I know why I don't play jump games. Man, I hate jumping. There's apparently an achievement if Elika saves you less than a hundred times over the whole game. I think she had to save me a hundred times in the first hour.

Haven't finished One Day yet, but I've decided I hate Dexter. He's a prat and an alcoholic, but Ian is lame in his own way, so I hope Emma meets someone new and completely kickass. I just have a feeling she won't and this book will end up pissing me off. D knows I'll throw it across the room. He's seen me do it before.

We got the first volume of Daniel X and decided Daniel is what Guy and Nat's kid would look like.

I thought about trying to come up with some sort of writing project during November--I'm not a NaNo person and never will be, but I thought I might set some sort of goal. I looked around at prompt communities, thinking maybe I'd try to do a drabble a day or something, but geez, do places like 31_days have the most overwrought prompts ever. I'm not fourteen anymore.

So I think my goal will be to finish my next chapter. I know that doesn't sound like much, but if I don't make it a goal, I won't do it.

So part 12 will be finished by the end of November, and I also need to work on combining parts 6 and 7, which were always meant to be combined as one chapter, and 6 especially needs an overhaul.
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