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I forget it, brutha

So last week Community and The Office both had characters dressed as Lady Gaga, and this week they both had Mean Girls references. Clearly this is intentional, but... why?

I miss the old Ryan. Douchey Hipster Ryan is funny, but I miss the Ryan who didn't want to be a "guy" here, the one who could clean out his desk in five minutes and no one would ever know he'd been there. I related to that Ryan. Now you're Douchey Hipster Guy. But you know, I guess I get that, how you can end up turning into the one thing you never wanted to be.

I loved Toby's issues with God. That might be the only good thing about this episode, which, I think, might even be worse than "Phyllis's Wedding".

And I think I want Britta-Troy fic. I don't know why.
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