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achievement whore!

I'm glad I only paid 10 bucks for this game. I got the Speed Demon achievement for finishing in under 12 hours. I can't imagine paying full price for a game that has less than 20 hours of game play. I suppose it's replayable, but don't know if I will or if I'll trade it in.

And I got the Be Gentle With Her achievement, which I infer is rather hard to get? It means Elika saved me less than 100 times. It sure felt like she had to save my ass a lot more than that. ("I thought you lost your ass.")

It's a really pretty game, and the dialogue is fun (especially the ass exchange), but still, only 12 hours? I guess it felt like more because I played it over about 10 days. I didn't expect to get that one.

I got 39 of 50 possible achievements. Not bad. I didn't bother getting all the light seeds. I just got kinda bored of that.

The ending was crap, though. I mean, I get it, but I don't like it. I guess you don't always have to have an unambiguously happy ending, but it seemed like such a waste.

There's a DLC epilogue for 800 points, which is 10 bucks, basically, and I thought about it for a few seconds before I decided it wasn't really worth it. I have 800 points, but I would rather find a game D and I can play together, like we did with Worms 2. Man, for a while there we were totally playing Worms every night for hours.

So today I'm supposed to be writing. With no game to distract me, I still might go out to Starbucks so D can do his homework in peace and I don't fritter away the day on the internets.
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