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no more pencils

D's in the middle of his last final right now. It's an athome/online/openbook thing. He was supposed to be able to take it yesterday--the professor said anyone who presented their final project last week could take the test early, and there were about three of them. The rest of the class bitched, so she changed her mind. Then D and the other people who'd done their damn work complained, so she said she'd put the test up today. But because she's a total flake, she got it up an hour late. D's been so anxious to get this off his back, and every delay has just added to his stress.

He spent three days straight working on his Con Law final last weekend, not even leaving the house. He had enough of an A in his other class that he was able to skip the final.

He says he's never taking three classes at once again. It's taken years off his life.

But after this, he's done for the semester and can finally relax. Maybe we can actually go do something fun.
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