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more boo

Unfortunately, my niece's presents aren't going to arrive in time. I knew the plush was not in stock when I ordered it, but with a month before I needed it, I thought I might get lucky. The DVD was supposed to be in stock but still hasn't shipped a month later. I emailed DD for an update but all I got was a canned reply. I've ordered from them for years and never had a problem until a few months ago when the same thing happened for D's birthday. The movie said in stock but didn't ship until a month after his birthday, so I ended up saving it for Christmas.

We got her some other things, so it's not like she won't have anything to open, but this is a bummer. It's not like I waited til the last minute. These were ordered on Thanksgiving.

Oh, well. I'll just tell my sister that we'll send them to her as soon as they arrive.

We're leaving on Monday and so anxious to get out of town. We haven't been anywhere since August, and we're going stir crazy. We're going to spend a couple of days in TN first--haven't been there since our plans to buy that house fell through.

Here's hoping the weather cooperates.
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