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home again, home again, jiggity jig

It's probably too late for this year, but a tip for next year: never engrave/inscribe a gift unless you are absolutely 100% sure the recipient wants it.

We're exhausted. We had a good time, but being away from home for a week just screws you up. You're sleeping in strange beds at strange times, eating strange things at strange hours, you don't have any of your own stuff around. For people who love to travel as much as we do, I don't know how we do it most times. We thought about staying an extra day because my family really wanted us to, but, geez, we needed to get home and get back to our own routine.

My youngest sister and her boyfriend of two-plus years got engaged on Christmas eve, so hopefully that will put an end to our confusion every year over whether to get a gift for someone who isn't family. (This year we in the middle generation drew names--something D's been advocating for years--and then D drew the boyfriend. Luckily Mom had a list of suggestions at the ready.) No date yet, but they're thinking May or June. Will probably be a church wedding although the first one didn't take so what's the point, which will be nice as long as I don't have to wear a hideous dress again. Keep it simple this time, Sis.

My niece and nephew are still supercute, although, I hate to say this, my niece is getting to be, um, kind of a bitch for a five-year-old. That girl has some serious tude. I love her to pieces, but I'm glad she's not my responsibility.

Her DVD still hasn't shipped. I've written two emails to DD asking for some sort of update. I've been buying from them for years, and I'm really disappointed in the lack of follow-up on an order I made a month ago that said "in stock" at the time.

I took two books with me and only read maybe three pages. Just no down time. At night I was too tired to do anything but sleep. Didn't do a lick of writing, either.

Today we've got to go to the store and pick up things for the week. We're hosting D's family for New Year's eve since we missed them for Christmas. Tomorrow I have to clean clean clean. No rest for the wicked!
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