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and a crappy new year


Well, 2011 is off to a banner start.

Remember last year's $200 toilet project that turned into a $2500 month-long ordeal?

Yesterday we got an $800 water bill. Our water bill usually averages $70-$90.

So apparently, we've got a problem somewhere, though there's no telling leak under any sinks or in closets.

Which means some likely digging.

Someone's on their way out here, and the visit to find the leak is $500 alone, not to mention whatever it's going to cost to fix it.

So we're already in the hole $1300 this year.

Oh, and yesterday I had an appointment at the revolving-door eye doctor, which is becoming comical at this point. The doctors who were assigned to that office have moved, and someone new is taking over. Yesterday was his first day in, and the computers and phones were down as they were making the transition. So, rather than, you know, call a person who has an appointment and letting them know that things will not be ready on that day, they let me go over there and sit around for a few minutes before letting me reschedule.

So I have to go back tomorrow. And start my whole spiel all over again. I told D I would give this new guy one shot. If it looks like I'm still going to be seeing a different person each time and have to tell them what's up with me each time (because God forbid they look at my file), then I'm going to dump the strip-mall place and find a dedicated optometrist's office. And with any luck, they'll accept our insurance, because this place doesn't, and each visit costs me $65 out of pocket.
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